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Our Mission


At PryvX, our mission is to pioneer a collaborative and secure frontier in the fight against cybercrime.

We are dedicated to reshaping the landscape of cybercrime through the integration of privacy-enhancing technologies.


By fostering a united community committed to proactive detection and prevention, we aim to build a future where trust and security prevail in the digital realm.

Meet the team

Together we combine expertise in telecom, AI and cybersecurity. 


Gaspar Wosa

Co-founder and CEO

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25 years in B2B sales, engineering and innovation management. Brings extensive experience leading projects in blockchain, privacy enhancing technology and quantum communication. Past innovation lead at Ericsson.


Jayesh Kenaudekar

Co-founder and CTO


Brings more than 5+ years of collective experience in AI / Machine learning and product development. Prior roles involved working at multiple startups within computer vision and NLP.


Gaspar Wosa

Margit Arctaedius

Co-founder and CPO

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Cyber Security Specialist with focus on leveraging AI to prevent cyberattacks.

Grew Darktrace Stockholm office from 1 to 13 employees, with start-up experience from Minut. Master degree in user-focused design from LTH.


Cristina Bergman

UX/UI Designer 


Designer with over a decade of experience spanning freelance and corporate settings. Expertise includes UX/UI design, graphic design and digital marketing etc, all aimed at elevating brands, delivering seamless user experiences and engaging audiences effectively.


Atul Maurya

Fullstack Developer


 Fullstack developer with 8 years of experience building robust front-end solutions using ReactJS. Atul leverages state-of-the-art libraries, best practices, and performance optimization techniques to deliver high-quality and innovative applications.

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Alena Struzhkina

UX/UI Designer


Passionate UX/UI designer intern currently pursuing a degree at Yrgo, with a proven track record of success in collaborative design competitions.

Our Advisors


Pål Kvalheim


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Over 15 years of executive leadership experience, big part of it within Telecom industry, this includes senior roles and CEO at Telenor.  He has an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics. And has a strong background in business development, digital transformation, and corporate communications


Tord Stortebecker



Over 25 years of experience in the TMT sector including Director M&A at the Telenor Group. He has an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics and executive education from Harvard Business School and Stanford. As a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, he has dedicated his career to driving business growth and innovation for tech enabled businesses.

We are hiring!




We are seeking a talented and motivated Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer to join our dynamic team. In this role, you will be a key player in developing the platform architecture, ensuring the seamless integration of federated learning models, and driving the overall success of our groundbreaking project.

We are seeking a talented Front-end Developer to join our team. In this role, you will be a key player in developing the platform user interface, ensuring the seamless UX integration with the back-end, and driving the overall success of our groundbreaking project.

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