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Sensitive data collaboration to stop cybercrime

We envision a world where organisations can collaborate to fight cybercrime, while preserving privacy.

Combat fraud through collaborative global efforts

Our platform helps organisations to combat fraud and cybercrime through collaborative efforts by leveraging privacy enhancing technologies, such as federated learning.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce false positives with accurate models trained on federated real-world data.

Preserve Data Privacy

Data is never shared thus complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Proactive fraud detection

Real time data collaboration and detection to stop fraud.


The future is secure,
the future is collaborative.

Fraud is evolving, becoming more sophisticated and elusive. Traditional methods fall short in keeping pace with these advancements. At PryvX, we rise to the challenge by pioneering a new era of fraud prevention.


Our approach, driven by federated learning and privacy-preserving technologies, empowers an united front against emerging threats, ensuring a secure and collaborative environment for proactive fraud detection and prevention.

Industry Voices

"Fraud detection needs collaboration but access to silo data is limited"

Product owner (Mobile Fraud detection) of largest telecom operator in Nordics

"We require to follow strict data regulations and need user consent to share data"

Data governance & Data Protection Head at CSP in Indonesia

"The move forward for us is secure and trusted collaboration between parties"

Co-CEO of Italian telecom provider

Secure Data Collaboration.
Compliant with privacy regulations.

Our solution empowers organizations to stay compliant since the data always remains private to the data owners.

Our Partners

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